Friday, December 6, 2013

on HIATUS until further notice

As you may have noticed, things have slowed to a stop here during 2013. 

We are officially on hiatus until further notice.  

This means:
  • The final net release compilation is cancelled forever.
  • All pending physical releases have been either postponed or cancelled (depending on situation).
  • The store is closed until further notice.

We will return is some form in the future (likely under a new name and new format) so stay tuned for that.  Love Torture Records is and always has been a one-man operation and a labor of love and, at least for now, life is not allowing me to make the time for the label.  It has been obvious for a long time, but several recent events have compelled me to make an official announcement.

Thank you everyone who allowed me to release material for them, have done splits with me, and all that have supported this label since it's birth in 2007.

We had a good run.

Love love love,

The Management. 

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